Scott’s 2011 Holiday Advent Blog…

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m feeling a little extra into the Christmas spirit this year.

Our tree is up early, I surprisingly already have some shopping done, and I’ve even caught myself keeping the dial on the all-Christmas, all-the-time stations on the radio a bit more often than usual this year. And mind you, it’s not like this is totally out of character because in general, Christmastime is typically my favorite time of the year, but for some reason that I can’t quite seem to put my finger on, 2011 just seems special as far as Christmas celebrations are concerned

Anyways, it’s because of this that I thought I’d do something a little special here on my blog this year to commemorate said Happy Christmastime Cheer, so for the next 24 days, I’m going to try my hand at mixing the essence of your traditional advent calendar with my own blogging to create Scott’s 2011 Holiday Advent Blog!!!  The goal is one post a day devoted solely to Christmas and the holidays and whatnot, and whether I’ll continue blogging about other stuff or just stick to the holidays for the next month … well, my guess is a little bit of both, but we’ll see. 😉

Now what should I write about first???

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