So Black Friday … what’s actually ON SALE???

Mind you, I didn’t actually go shopping during the midnight madness portion of Black Friday – my wife and her sister did, and both came back with bags up bags of stuff, but I don’t really have the patience to fight crowds to save 30% on whatever. Nonetheless, I did end up going out with my wife a couple of hours ago to hit up some places that she hadn’t gotten to earlier, and maybe it was just the stores that we chose, but … it seemed really hard to even tell what was actually on sale anymore.

And granted, I’m talking almost exclusively about movies and video games – I completely understand that most of the “big ticket” items were long gone before I moseyed on in at the stroke of 8:30pm – but whereas it just seems like in years past, places like Target and Walmart had big, bright signs depicting which items could be nabbed at ridiculous discounts, to me it almost seemed just as boring as any other regular shopping night around some of these places. Barnes & Noble was the best about it, as they still had items out on tables with big discount signs on them, but as for Walmart? I actually spent more time looking on my phone to see if I could decipher what was on sale because the display case itself didn’t give the slightest hint as to what I could score for a fraction of retail price!

I guess it just seems like in years past, Sara and I have been able to make our Black Friday PM movie & game run and score some cool additions to our collection from the leftovers, but whatever I did find looked like it belonged in the bargain bin anyways, and at the end of the night aside from a sweet Lego set that I scored for someone at 50% off from B&N, that was about the extent of Scott’s 2011 Black Friday Experience.


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