Cleo vs. the Door

So we finally made the decision this week that for Christmas, we’re going to splurge and get Cleo her doggie door.

Well, technically Sara was already sold on the idea and I guess it took a while for me to balance the good with the bad of no more cleaning up dog crap and urine in the house with we might come home to find an animal who isn’t Cleo also running amok.

I’m still not crazy about the idea, but I’m definitely an anti-poop man, so here we are. Anyways, in preparations I suggested that we start having Cleo use the other side of our sliding door because that side sticks and it’d make sense not to open it as much, so we closed the left side of the door that’s usually left open about a foot for her to come and go and instead opened the right side.

The opening is literally like four feet away from where it used to be.

It seems pretty straightforward to me, but I guess Cleo’s still gonna need a little more time to get the hang of it…

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