You sure wouldn’t know from the look of our Thanksgiving smorgasbord this year that only three people live in this house, now would you?!

I think we actually had more dessert than we did dinner, but hey – play your strengths, am I right?

Thanksgiving 2011 was fun though – took the day off from writing to just hang around with Sara and her sister, put in many an hour playing 3-player mode of Super Mario Bros. Wii – which is pretty insane if you thought that two players had a tendency to jump on each other’s heads more than actually fight koopas and whatnot!  I can’t even imagine what maxing out at four players would even be like – the system might just propel each random players into the nearest pits just to save a few steps…

Anyways, as the holiday slowly rolls to a close, here I am back at home a’blogging from the warmth and comfort of my couch whilst the ladies are out battling the crazies, a la Black Friday shopping … even though it’s technically still Thursday. Actually, you know – that kind of throws off the whole naming scheme if stores are gonna start opening late Thursday night instead of at midnight or later on Friday. Kind of an embarrassing omission, if you ask me, but since nobody did, well there you go.

Happy Thanksgiving! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve still got a lot of desserts that I have to eat before I can go to bed… :mrgreen:

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