Sympathy for the Pooch (plus, she peed on my hand…)

Recently we gave in and have been letting Cleo sleep in our bed again.

My wife recently got promoted, so she no longer works the night shift – before, Cleo would sleep in her cage at night while I slept, then when Sara got home and went to sleep, she’d rest in the bed with her while I was at work. But now with us both sleeping and being at work at the same time, we didn’t feel like it was fair to make her sleep in her crate all night long and then also all day while we were at work, so we gave in and have been letting her sleep with us lately.

That said, she did something the other night that’s seriously making me second-guess that decision, or maybe even getting a dog in the first placeshe peed on my hand!

You heard me – she URINATED ON MY HAND.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, she’s in a habit of shredding all of her toys right now, and because we’re trying our best not to live like complete and total slobs, every now and then we’ll try to take five or ten minutes to pick up whatever scraps of fluff are lying about. Of course, she’s not a fan of this activity and within a day or so, the room will be back to the disaster zone that it usually is … but up until now, she’s never really acted out during the cleanup more than maybe just a little barking.

This time, however, was entirely different! There I was, sitting on our bedroom floor, just minding my own business while I gathered fluff into a garbage bag, when out of nowhere she just walks into the room, raises her leg, proceeds to pee on the hand that I’m picking up fluff with, and then walks back out of the room, both relieved and apparently somewhat proud of herself. Apparently that old adage, “Don’t pee on the hand that feeds you…” is lost on this one.

Several months ago I thought it was pretty bad when I stepped in her poop in my bare feet, but I’m pretty sure this was worse. We’re running out of new lows for this puppy to subject me to…

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