Thin Post : Back in the Saddle…

So where was I now? You know, before the whole bronchitis-thing?!

Talk about a sucky couple of weeks – I pretty much spent the first week of February laying in bed, and although this week I’ve finally been improving enough to actually get up and move around and stuff, I certainly haven’t felt well enough to try in get back into my “usual routine” just yet.

Oh yeah, that’s right – I was still in the process of creating a routine when I got sick a couple of weeks ago! Oops…

Anyways, I don’t necessarily think that I’ve fallen too far off the horse – I mostly drank water and Gatorade while I was sick, so still no soda, and according to the scale I may have actually lost a few pounds … because apparently only eating 1,200 calories and sleeping 12 hours a day will do that to ya! Not sure if it’ll come back though, but I think really the only thing that I’ve actually slipped off track on then would be exercise because, well, blech.

So here are my new goals for the next week:

  • get back into exercising, even if it’s just using WiiFit – exercise more days than not
  • avoid eating out and come up with a couple of meals that will last the week over
  • write a 7-Week Review at the end of next week to see where I stand

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