Thin Post : Battling a Sleep Deficit

I know that I don’t get enough sleep.

And it’s irregular, too – some days I’ll sleep 1:00am – 7:30am, others I might pull a late night writing and be up until 3 or 4am. I end up paying for it later because if I don’t just collapse the next day entirely, I’ll find myself dragging over the following couple of evenings, rarely getting anything done in the process, which typically makes whatever progress I gained the first night moot.

I also wonder if somehow it also has an impact on my weight loss efforts.

I’ve done some reading and found various articles linking irregular sleep to weight gain, citing that it messes with your metabolism and stuff, and even though I don’t really understand much about it, it would kind of make sense if bedtime is when your body is generally doing upkeep and taking care of itself. Maybe it’s doing some other stuff with regards to how I store fat that I’m disrupting when I get 5 hours of sleep one night and then 10 the next.

Either way, it’s something that I want to work on because I have a feeling it might help, and it should also make writing easier if I don’t lose random days here or there to being sleepy. It’s gonna be tough because I’m very much so a night person – my ideal workday would probably be something like 11am – 3am if I had the choice! Maybe someday, but in the meantime I’ve made enough sacrifices for this effort, what’s one more that might also help me to be a little bit more productive to boot?

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