Thin Post : Getting Up Early, Day 1

Not great, but not terrible, either.

I probably didn’t allow myself enough sleep last night – I think I fell asleep around 2am to then wake up at 8am, but I guess it wasn’t horrible. It definitely took a little while for my body to actually wake up once I had started, but at the same time I think that also sort of made the time pass by a little faster, too!

My only real complaint, other than having to get up early in general, anyways, was the sweat … even after taking my shower, it was still a’flowing and made things a little tough. For what it’s worth, I did wake up 20 minutes late and then go straight from the elliptical into the shower, so maybe if I can get up at my target time I can spend a few more minutes cooling down before I move on with my day.

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