Thin Post : Junk Food Avoidance

I hate to admit it, but I was really able to relate to this old post about fighting against junk food cravings that I found the other day from Get Rich Slowly blogger J.D. Roth.

It’s certainly nothing against J.D., mind you, but more so in that reading how he admits that he has no self control with relation to certain things (junk food being one of them), I can feel where he’s coming from because frankly, I guess that I’m the exact same way. My own worst enemy is potato chips – I can plow through an entire bag in two days time.

Well, technically less than 24 hours if I buy them one evening and carry over into the next.

I’ve tried on many occasions to convince myself to ration them by breaking a larger bag down into a bunch of smaller plastic containers, but that honestly only lasts for a few days before I finish off the rest of the bag on a particularly chaotic night before a deadline or something. I’ve even tried the snack pack-sized bags, which help to some extent … oddly enough not necessarily because of their size, but because they don’t make my favorite flavors in them, so I’m less likely to eat more than a mini bag or two in a sitting.

So it makes me a little sad to read a post like J.D.’s because I know I need to just do like he does and simply not have chips around the house – period. I know that it’s vital that I figure out how to make this happen because no matter how good I get into following my exercise routine and eating healthy, one really bad night with a bag of Doritos can basically wipe out an entire week’s worth of sweating and pushing myself, and that’s just a damn shame knowing how hard all of the other work is.

To touch on another point in the same article, I’ve been able to ween down eating out in the past by stating that as a reward, I’d allow myself the nicer meals like when we go over to Disney, but unfortunately there just aren’t very many alternatives for gourmet, high quality potato chips that I could enjoy in small quantities for being good! Chips are truly a junk food that I’ll consume in mass quantities if given the option, so avoidance is really the only way.

Is it worth giving up potato chips for an entire year to lose 50 pounds???

I think it might be. I’ve already given up diet soda, and three months ago that seemed impossible! Hmmmm – there might be a challenge here worth considering after all…

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