Thin Post : New Inspiration, Also Perspiration

Every little bit helps when you’re trying to lose weight.

Determination, willpower, luck, and in this particular case, encouragement – this is kind of a big deal for me in 2011, so I’m willing to take all the help I can get in pretty much any form at this point. One new thing in particular that I’m kind of looking forward to is some help from my sister-in-law, who just recently moved in with us and will be here for the next two years while she’s going through nursing school herself.

Previously she had been enlisted in the military for a number of years and is also a big fitness fanatic, so hopefully having a fresh perspective around will prove to be a positive influence! Last night the two of us went grocery shopping and she pointed out a bunch of interesting stuff about good vs. not as good foods that I never really worried about before and ultimately I decided to try a few new things to change up my daily eats for the better. She’s also going to be starting some water aerobics with my wife as well which I may jump in on from time to time, so in the end it’s kinda cool that she’s taking an active role in helping Sara and I get healthier!

Of course, the flip side is that being not married to her, she might not necessarily sugar-coat her advice regarding things I shouldn’t be eating and more exercise that I should be doing (“Mmmmm – sugar-coated advice…”), but who knows – at this point maybe a little tough love is what I need to help get me over the hump and back into a reasonable weight range!

Either way, I’m willing to give it a try…

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