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May 24, 2011 7:10pm
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I think I’m getting there.

I sort of changed my routine over the last couple of weeks – I haven’t stepped on WiiFit since maybe mid-month, and instead I’ve been trying to get in some time on the elliptical every couple of nights. The reasoning makes sense in my head, so we’ll see if it makes sense to my body in real life as well…

Scale Paranoia
One huge thing that bugs me about WiiFit is that it wants me to weigh in every single day, which is great for capturing statistics, but also demoralizing to see the line keep bobbing up and down.

Cardio > Yoga
At least for weight loss, anyways, I know that as much as I enjoyed all of the stretching and even the little bit of strength training that I would do, sweating and burning are by far more important when it’s inches and pounds that ultimately I’m trying to shed.

Something Different
I feel like I’ve been on a plateau lately and people often talk about “shocking” their bodies by changing things up to get it moving along, and since I just can’t justify myself eating like a pig after working so hard to give my favorite foods up, this seems like a more reasonable kind of shake up!

Also with regards to tracking, I started using our old bathroom scale again in lieu of WiiFit and not to jinx anything, but it’s actually clocking me in at a pound or two under my current goal that WiiFit was measuring me still a few pounds over. Now I know that at the end of the day, you still have to compare apples to apples and use the same scale to get a realistic picture of progress, but I think for now I might stick with the bathroom scale until I feel more confident that I’ve made some progress, then go back to WiiFit to compare.

I’m also only weighing once or twice a week at a consistent time, too, to try and even out the results and get the minor fluctuations off my radar, for what it’s worth. *fingers crossed*

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