Thin Post : So Cold…

I hate it when it gets this cold out because it can be really hard to keep motivated … well, pretty much in every aspect, but for now we’ll just focus on exercise… 😉

We got hit with a bit of a cold snap here in Florida the last couple of days. I know that a lot of people equate The Sunshine State with having perpetual warmth and awesome weather, but the months of December-February can sometimes be a little chilly – last winter was especially brutal. Anyways, my point is that if anything when it gets chilly like this – dropping well below 60 in the evenings, it can be particularly hard to want to go out and walk like I’ve been doing because I’d much rather just bundle up in a blanket on the couch and ride it out the old fashion way!

Trouble is, very few people have ever been able to lose weight from the comfort of their own couches – trust me, I tried this myself unsuccessfully for many a year!

I’ve tried to be as prepared as I can for this kind of thing by having some long-sleeve shirts and workout pants to don once it gets beyond t-shirt and shorts weather, but last night it was so cold that only layers would’ve gotten me through it and instead, I ended up just falling asleep early and not doing anything at all. Tonight I made a more conscious effort to go out and clock my 3.5 miles – a good part of it because Cleo has been really acting up lately when she doesn’t walk on a regular basis, which I suppose ultimately is still good because really whatever gets me out the door is fine as long as I go.

Still, it’s certainly not going to hurt my feelings when the weather finally decides to warm up just a bit hopefully in the next couple of days, either!

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