The Muppets Take Walt Disney World

This one is another little treat that I found over at the Progress City, USA blog, and it dates back to 1990 just days before Jim Henson passed away. I vaguely remember this when it first aired – I was probably only ten years old at the time, but we specifically subscribed to The Disney Channel (back when you picked channels individually!) so it would probably be a safe bet that we caught it at some point! What was particularly interesting re-watching it to me was that although they spent time at the Disney-MGM Studios, their own attraction hadn’t technically been built yet.

It definitely makes you wonder how much different Hollywood Studios would look today had Disney actually completed their purchase of the Muppets back in the ’90s instead of more than a decade later – it seems like areas of the park dedicated to the Pixar, Disney, and Muppet Studios would’ve been a pretty cool direction for that park to take!

Still, you never know – if Kermit & the Gang can make enough of a splash with their new movie to truly get them back on their owner’s radar, maybe someday… 😉–n-8E8

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