Thin Post : Walking the Dog

Since my last post about using furry, little Cleo as a fitness enabler, I actually think that we’ve made a lot of progress with the walks that we’ve been going on. We don’t necessarily go every night – surprisingly never on account of weather, but more so due to a lack of time, however so far she really seems to enjoy getting out and wandering the neighborhood for an hour or so at a time with me a couple of days a week.

We go in the evening – usually around 11pm when it’s at least a little cooler, albeit the bugs have been pulling double-duty to make up for it in the misery department lately! We’re actually up to almost 3 miles now – we started at 2, and one of the neat things about our community is that all of the subdivisions are connected together in convenient .5 mile loops, if you will, so adding one subdivision got us up to 2.5, going down another gets us to 3 miles, and so on to where it looks like we can do 4.5 miles without even having to cross the major road that runs through our community.

Back in our last community, I was up to walking 5 miles in about 90 minutes – I would literally walk from one end to the other and back, listening to podcasts, talking to myself about the things I’m trying to accomplish with my writing, and generally just clearing my head. By the time I would get back, I’d just be dripping with sweat, so I knew that it was productive time at least from an exercise perspective, so I’m kind of glad that Cleo is able to help me get back into that habit again … even if her involvement is basically limited to sniffing and eating bugs and occasionally crapping in my neighbors’ yards… 🙂


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