Things Learned After Five Months of Puppy…

  1. A meal enjoyed without fending off a doggy nose in your plate is a meal enjoyed standing.
  2. Given the opportunity, she really does enjoy chewing on human flesh just as much as she enjoys tearing apart one of her toys.
  3. Picking up the remnants of her shredded toys is just a challenge to leave even more behind the next time.
  4. Forgetting to close the closet door at night when your clothes are on the bottom row is like writing off every shirt you’ve ever loved.
  5. If she comes running up to you and you just stepped out of the shower, protect yourself.
  6. Puppies know exactly how to trigger your sympathy – they don’t call it “the puppy dog look” for nothing.
  7. NEVER get her attention when she’s off in her own world – sometimes that’s the only peace and quiet you’ll ever get that day.
  8. Never trust anyone who’s ever peed on your hand and not felt even the slightest bit of remorse.
  9. Maybe she’s not hungry for dinner because she just spent all day eating our bath towels.
  10. How a puppy can be even more hyper after our 3.5-mile walk than she was before we left, that I’ll never know…

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