2012 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 18 – Cleo May Be Sweet, But She’s No Odie…

This morning while I was finishing up in the bathroom, I looked over to see Cleo scurry under the bed a couple of feet away in our bedroom.

The first thing that popped into my mind was that scene from the Garfield Christmas Special where Odie sneaks out into the barn to build Garfield’s present in secret – a homemade back scratcher made from random parts around the farm! 😀

Instead of a thoughtful and also practical gift beneath the bed, though, all I found was a tattered pack of travel Kleenex that she had stolen a while back and had apparently stashed under the bed to enjoy when the rest of us were otherwise occupied. You can tell from the photo that she wasn’t too thrilled of me discovering her secret hiding place, or of the flash on the camera that I had to use to get a photo under the otherwise dark bed.

I’ll have to play her the special again later – maybe she’ll catch on for next year… 🙄

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