$317,000 and growing for just one webcomic?!?!?!

I’ve been meaning to write this post since I saw Dave Kellett’s tweet last night, and each time I go to start typing their take keeps getting bigger and bigger! It wouldn’t surprise me at all if I have to go back and update the title from $317k to $320k by the time I’m actually ready to push the Publish button…

What’s interesting about this is that I’ve technically heard of Order of the Stick before and I’m sure I’ve read random strips when my D&D buddies pass links around, but I guess I just never knew it was that big of a strip until I saw this Kickstarter campaign raising funds to do reprints of some of his older books.

It’s kinda sad that it took just a shockingly impressive fundraiser like that to prove to me that I should give it a look, but after perusing through his catalog of print compilations, I really think I want to pick up a couple of them once they’re available again because they really look like a lot of time went into them. Sure, some are a little pricey at $30 a piece, but then again, those ones are also full color and almost 300 pages long!

As a brief aside, I can’t tell you how inspiring to me it is as a fellow independent creator to randomly come across stories like this of new people who I’ve never even heard of being wildly successful at creating their art for a living…

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