Thin Post : A Short Step Backwards

So today was my 4th weigh in for the new year and for the first time thus far, I gained weight instead of losing it.

0.6 pounds, to be exact…

Honestly, it didn’t really surprise me too much, albeit it’s certainly nonetheless disappointing, but looking back over the last week I pretty much just let my appetite get the best of me because although I actually exercised 7 out of 7 days in one capacity or another (5 days of cardio, 2 of push-ups only), there were still a few days when I splurged more than I really should’ve that I guess put me back over the edge.

I’m trying not to beat myself up too much over it, even though obviously I was hoping to get a bit further than 4 pounds into my efforts before plateauing off! But it’s probably a good lesson to learn early on – I thought things were going great and I had some wiggle room to splurge here and there, and so this weigh-in was a loud and clear reminder that, “No, I don’t!!!”

At least for the near future (read: 6 months minimum), I really need to be religious about not only getting my exercise in, but also keeping better track of my calories to ensure that all of my hard sweating work doesn’t go to waste. And not that I can’t have the occasional splurge, but not for nothing … I polished off the better part of that pizza in a single night just because I didn’t feel like making something healthier. There’s really no reason other than convenience and ambition why I couldn’t have made my own healthy pizza that had more veggies and half the calories – I just didn’t have the discipline to hold myself to it because I thought that I was better off this time around than I actually am.

But I know better now, and so next week is going to be different. Snacks are going to be more rationed out, I’m going to go back to forcing myself to eat more apples and less nuts, which are easy to binge on, and for those big nights out when we’re going out to eat, I need to not only eat lighter meals earlier in the day, but also show a little more self restraint once I’ve actually got the fork in my hand, too…


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