365 Non-Consecutive Days of Deliciousness…

So apparently there have been a few unforeseen necessities of consistency from when I first came up with this brilliant idea to take pictures of my food every single day this year!

Namely – sometimes I eat the same boring things every day and also, sometimes I forget to do the seemingly mindless things that I’m supposed to do.

I’m not going to just throw my hands up and scrap the whole thing, though – it’s still too oddly amusing to me to do a crazy thing like that, so instead I’m simply going to change the rules to make them coincide with my bad habits! I can get away with that because I made it up in the first place, right?! 😉

The deal is this – my goal by the end of the year is still to have 365 photos of food … maybe 365 Photos of Deliciousness would be a more accurate title though because instead of trying to religiously take a new photo each and every day, some days I won’t take any and some I’ll take more than one.

As we currently stand today, this is day #42 and so far I’ve posted 38 photos. I’ve actually missed more than 4 days, but I posted a bunch for my Valentine’s Day dinner at The Melting Pot which helped to close the gap a little. And since I want this to be fun and not a chore, I’m just going to continue that tradition and come January 15, 2013, we’ll see where we stand at the end of things!

I’m pretty sure that nobody out there is exactly grading me on this anyways, so enjoy the food pics whenever I happen to post ’em, and if you don’t see anything up for a given day, just assume that the highlight of my day was a bowl of cereal or a bagel or something, and really, if you’ve seen one bagel…

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