A Busy Day of Non-Stop Hauling…

Today was a busy day.

While Sara painted walls at the new house, I pretty much spent the entire day running back and forth hauling stuff from the old to the new with her car. We’re technically renting a truck on Saturday, but I’m morbidly afraid of not being able to fit everything and leaving out something that can’t be transported in her car later. Plus, I’d just prefer to move anything even remotely fragile myself anyways … that way I have no one but myself to blame if my Lego Stegosaurus loses a leg or something in transit.

By the way, the wife drives a Honda Insight, which Honda tells me has roughly 32 cubic feet of storage space with the seat down in the back … probably a bit more because we also reclined her passenger seat all the way back and filled that entire area, too! Would you believe that I was able to fit an 8-foot ladder in that thing AND still have room for umpteen gallons of paint, a ceiling fan, and a bunch of other crap that Lowe’s was more than happy to sell me earlier this week?!

I sure wouldn’t have until I both measured it and subsequently watched myself do it!

Anyways, here’s a quick summary of today’s take. I’m very tired and very sore and I have even more to do tomorrow in preparation for Big Move Saturday, so with this I fondly bid ye all goodnight…  8)

  1. Office Stuff & Fish Tank #1
  2. Christmas Stuff
  3. Books That We Never Read Anymore, But Don’t Dare Throw Away
  4. Patio Stuff
  5. Clothes, Part 1
  6. Clothes, Part 2 & Nightstand #1
  7. Electronics
  8. Clothes, Part 3 & Entertainment Center & Food, Part 1

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