A Busier Day of Non-Stop Cleaning…

…and hauling, and so on and so forth…

Chaos has officially found its place in the Sevener residence as we both scrambled to prepare for the big day tomorrow, which has now been compounded by a surprise open house that the landlord decided he wants to hold the same day to meet prospective new tenants. We’re trying to cooperate as best we can because we know that he wants to get someone back in the place as soon as possible … I just worry that it doesn’t really look very presentable right now because as we’ve uprooted everything to pack and haul and even start cleaning, I think it might actually look worse than it did before we started!  😯

After a healthy bout of late night sweeping and scrubbing around the pool area, we finally decided to call it quits early so that we’ll (I’ll) actually be able to wake up on time when people start arriving in the morning. Some parts look decent, and some I’d prefer to just close behind a door until we’re able to revisit with a more dedicated cleaning effort next week, but that’s probably not an option so I suppose we’ll just have to roll with the punches at this point.

Is it over yet??? I wanna go live and relax at my own house now!!!

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