The Big Moving Day – a checklist of sorts

  1. Haul (at least) two more loads of stuff via car over to the new house
  2. Straighten up the kitchen so people can at least walk through it
  3. Go pick up the u-haul at 1pm
  4. Haul junk to the dump before movers get here (finally pitching the couch I bought when I first moved to Florida … Sara’s disturbingly happy about this)
  5. Meet with movers to load furniture and bulky stuff onto truck (house should be nearly empty after this)
  6. Unload said furniture and bulky stuff at new house … or at least watch while guys younger and stronger than myself do so…
  7. Return u-haul
  8. Probably make another run or two for odds & ends, as well as breaking down this computer in my office that I’m typing on right now
  9. Assemble desk and computer in my new office at the new house
  10. Collapse in a fit of utter exhaustion, hopefully in a made bed if Sara manages to get sheets put on the thing before then
In the timeless words of Peter Pan, “Here we go!”  😉

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