Moving Day Summary Post

What. A. Day.

The Movers … A+ Once Again
Last year when we moved, I said that I’d never move again without paying people to do all of the heavy lifting for us. This year we did the same once again and despite hauling a ton of stuff myself because of a fear of not fitting it all in the truck, it was still nice to just have somebody who’s not me to man-handle all of the furniture and other ridiculously heavy stuff that maybe wouldn’t be quite as daunting if I were 10 years younger and in a little better shape!

Tip of the hat to Upscale Movers of Brandon, FL – made my life on Saturday a lot easier… 🙂

Goodbye, Couch
One of the nice unexpected things that came out of hiring movers is that they even helped me haul my old couch to the dump on the way to our new house. I had planned on just trying to do it myself before they showed up that afternoon, but they ended up being early and things ran quicker than expected anyways, so instead of me making a special trip with just the couch, we ended up cramming it on the back with everything else and they followed me to the dump to help me unload the beast!

Probably a lot easier than me having to shove it off the end of the truck all by myself, I would think!

Mind you, it was a little sad to see her go – this was my bachelor couch that I bought back in 2003 just after I moved here and I spent many a night up late watching movies and playing video games in her warmth … but then again, Sara thought that it was getting pretty disgusting and Cleo had managed to chew away about 1/3 of the cushions, so maybe it was finally time for it to go to a better place…

…buried deep within the Earth in a pile of other disgusting garbage just like it…  😮

Hello, TWiT!
On the upside, while traveling back and forth I’ve spent a lot of time revisiting an old favorite podcast, This Week in Tech, that had kind of fallen off my radar for some time. I typically don’t have as much time to listen to these as I used to, so when I did pull up TWiT I’d usually just skim the archives until I found a panel filled with people who I like and just grab that one to tide me over … but in this case, being in far too much of a rush to cherry pick (and needing a lot more content to listen to!), I ended up just grabbing the last dozen or so episodes and have been listening to them back to back as I travel and scrub and so on and so forth.

Good times … maybe I need to find a way to get TWiT back into some sort of normal rotation when I’m out walking the dog or something, whenever that finally gets back to normal again!

Stupid Cop Area
I honestly didn’t even realize that this existed until I had to start making loops back and forth hauling stuff up from the new house, but apparently there’s about a half a mile stretch of road near our old house where the speed limit drops from 45 – 30 mph super fast because of a school there, and I’ve been witnessing cops pulling people over there in a speed trap all hours of the day and night.

A) school isn’t even in session for another week!

B) they were still nailing people there at 12:30am last night

I guess this is the same place where Sara actually got a warning a few months back … I don’t as much mind them cracking down during school hours, but during a weekend in the middle of the night seems a bit excessive when we have actual drunk drivers that could be dealt with elsewhere in the community. I’m pretty sure that strip of land in front of the middle school will be just fine…

Free Dinner!
Quite possibly the highlight of the day, we got a surprise in the mail from our real estate agent – a nice thank you card for being awesome buyers along with a gift card to Applebee’s to grab some dinner! And while I’m not the biggest fan of Applebee’s by far, at that point pretty much  sustenance was the only requirement for dinner after exhausting damn near every takeout joint in the area, but it was certainly appreciated very much nonetheless!

Needless to say, yesterday ended up being a ridiculously long day, culminating with me finally starting to get my office put together here at the new house right around 2:00am. Our plan today is simply one of rest – we’ve still got tons to do in both locations, but I’ve also got a lot of writing and other stuff to catch up on and obviously we’ve also got scads of unpacking to do around here, so we thought it best to take a bit of a break today in preparation for even more work to come in the future before we can finally say that we’re DONE with the old house and can officially get settled into this one.

Did I miss anything?!?!?!   😆

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