A lawman appeared…with powers of hawk, wolf, puma, and bear!

Last night I almost actually went to bed “early,” or at least early for me anyways … but then I came across a familiar face during a little random channel surfing that I couldn’t help but watch for a couple of episodes…

Who knew that there was actually a channel out there playing episodes of Bravestarr?!?!?! Apparently it was part of a special “night owl” block of programming on a channel called Qubo … after my beloved space sheriff, they switched over to The Real Ghostbusters, which I also remember watching but wasn’t nearly as into, so I ended up calling it a night at that point. But if they also had Silverhawks or Go-Bots or Captain N: The Game Master … I’d probably still be asleep right now because I would’ve likely stayed up all night watching and reminiscing!

As for Bravestarr, I had a lot of the toys that went along with this show – the action figures, the play-set of the town that folded up in lock-down mode, even one of the laser guns that they put out to try and cash in on the whole Laser Tag trend, but I’m pretty sure that I had to sell most of them in a garage sale one year in one of those “you’ve got plenty of toys – pick one to sell”-type moves. Admittedly they were kind of clunky compared to my Gobots and I still think that I made the right decision, but it was kind of neat that in one of the episodes of the cartoon that I watched, they folded the town up in preparation for Tex-Hex just like the play-set that I had used to. 🙂

I’ll have to root around in my old box of toys the next time I’m back home in a few months to see if anything got left behind that didn’t sell or something…

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