At the Movies, Summer 2012 Edition

So I suppose technically summer is here now, and you know what that means – let’s take a look and see what’s worth watching at the theater this year…

5/25 – Men in Black 3
I’ll watch it on DVD in a few months just out of curiosity, but I have a hard time believing this can possibly be any good.

6/1 – Snow White and the Huntsman
I’ve been getting more and more interested with this one, both with a reborn respect for Chris Hemsworth after The Avengers and even more promos showing just how hot Charlize Theron looks in this… 😉

6/8 – Battleship
Just kidding … there’s no way in hell that I’m paying money to see this! I’ll catch it on demand in 6 months to see just how bad the train wreck played out, though…

6/22 – Brave
This is the new Pixar movie … I don’t know – the trailers remind me of How to Train Your Dragon, but 2 years late. Will this be their recovery from Cars 2 or just another disappointment???

6/22 – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
I think I’d go see this just because the title amuses me! The thing is, I still can’t tell if it’s intended to be satire or a serious thriller, and it would make me sad if it ended up taking itself too seriously.

7/6 – The Amazing Spider-Man
I don’t want to see this, but I feel like I have to just because it’s Spider-Man. I honestly really enjoyed the Tobey Maguire version and I think the reboot is premature, so I’m a little nervous to see if they ruin a good thing by starting over.

7/20 – The Dark Knight Rises
So I guess this is the big finale to the series that was started back in 2005 with Batman Begins … I don’t know – I guess The Dark Knight was alright, but I didn’t really think it was amazing by any stretch. I do remember having to stretch our necks because we got there late and ended up in the front row, but that’s beside the point…

9/14 – Resident Evil: Retribution
I don’t care if it’s not technically summer anymore – now this is a movie that I’m actually looking forward to seeing!!! Seriously, they could make a million of these movies – Alice Fights Umbrella at the Zoo, Alice Fights Umbrella in Space – and I’d still line up to watch every single one of them. I have no idea why because I typically hate horror movies, but … this series just works for me!

12/14 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Even further not in the summertime, but if I had to pick only a single movie to watch this year, the first installment of The Hobbit would most definitely be it! When Lord of the Rings wrapped up I was admittedly a bit reserved about them doing The Hobbit, and even more so when I learned that they’d be doing my least favorite Hollywood trick as of late by breaking it into two movies, but I guess I’ve just been missing my hobbits for a while and at this point I need a little more than simply the annual Thanksgiving weekend marathon trip back to The Shire! 😉

Wow – on second thought, most of those movies kinda suck! Maybe I’d better look into some books to read this summer instead of thinking that I’m going to be spending much of it at the theater… 🙁

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