Thin Post : Recovering from a Downward Spiral…

I’m not gonna lie – the last couple of weeks have been pretty rough for me.

It started with a big push to finally bring some closure to a huge creative project of mine, and then just as I was finishing that up, I found myself lambasted by a whole different source of stress that there’s no way I could’ve anticipated. Not to mention, I’m a terrible stress eater and found a small amount of sanity in enormous amounts of bingeing there, and also, it’s just been incredibly rainy as of late, meaning there’s another excuse against taking Cleo out for her nightly walks, and well … all excuses aside, I’ve just really fallen off the horse and I need to find the motivation to get back on board again.

You don’t realize until you’ve slipped and gone two weeks without eating right or being able to count the number of workouts you’ve had on one hand just how good you were doing when you had multiple weeks of consecutive eating right under your belt and 5 out of 7 days worth of exercise to boot! But just a little cheat on one bad night ends up compounding into “This will be my last night – I swear!” and then the scale starts slowly creeping its way back up again, and if you’re not careful, before too long you look down to see that 4-5 months of hard work has all but slipped away because you managed to let life get the best of you…

I’m trying to take it one day at a time, or even just a few hours at a time with regards to restraining myself from snacking … it’s kind of like starting over – first you break the habit of snacking at night, then you cut back on eating out, and finally you bring the calories back to the levels where they’re supposed to be.

Tonight Sara and I went walking because we weren’t really in the mood for much else, and even though we got hit with a torrential downpour while we were still a solid mile / twenty minutes away from the house, at least it was something.

It’s tough because that one thing has really got me down right now, and unfortunately I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be sticking around for a while, but I guess if anything, I need to fight even harder to not let it take over the other aspects of my life, too – it can fuck up its own tiny sphere all it wants, but as for impacting my weight loss efforts, and my writing career – why should I give it the power to overflow into those other spheres, too???

This just started going in kind of a different direction than I had been intending, but I suppose the point of the matter is … one moment at a time, focus, and make it happen.

Hopefully I’ll have better news to report on this front in another week or two. 8)

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