Becoming a handyman, whether I like it or not…

And I don’t say this just because in the course of the last 24 hours, I think I’ve been to damn near every Lowe’s Home Improvement Center within 30 miles of my house!  😯

…though that probably isn’t helping the situation…

I’ve never really cared much about fixing things around the house myself, although I suppose part of that could’ve been always that when you’re renting, it’s usually easier to defer to landlord for anything that’s likely to take more than 10 minutes of your time (unless you broke it, anyways…), but in recent years it seems like more often than not I’ve ended up being spared from having to do anything more than change light bulbs or hang pictures on the walls.

I have a feeling that’s going to change here in the new house because:

 A) it’s our money now going to pay those handymen otherwise!

B) it’s our house, so we’re a little more likely to care what style the cabinets are or whatever else we’re able to finally customize without knowing deep down that we have to change it all back when we leave…

The thing is, I guess I just don’t really get the same sense of pride out of fixing stuff myself that typically feeds a lot of male egos … in many cases, I’d much rather focus on the things that I’m good at and let somebody else fight with the garage door opener for 3 hours to figure out why it only works half the time that it’s supposed to! Very rarely is getting all dirty and sweaty for the purposes of home improvement actually rewarding to me – if I think about it, probably when installing Christmas lights and that’s about it. For everything else, they’re nothing more than chores and it’s kinda hard to get excited about that!

On one hand it’s going to be neat to see how this house that Sara and I have purchased evolves into a home over the years to come and we’ve already got lots and lots and lots of things that we’d like to do to make it our own … but then again, if I’m the one who actually has to do all of that stuff?!?!?!


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