Before and After, Clean Carpets Edition

The last 24 hours I spent way more time in the company of the Rug Doctor than I had originally anticipated, but nonetheless I was still quite pleased with the overall result…



A couple of notes:

  • I have vague memories of my parents renting one of these beasts to clean the carpets in our house and I can definitely see why they made an effort to get everybody out to make the juggling a little bit easier. It’s hard enough not to walk across the floors afterwards yourself, much less convince an antsy dog why she can’t play in the giant play space that has been created for her where all of the furniture used to be…
  • Pretty much every pee stain vanished without a trace, though we did liberally apply the pre-treatment spray prior and then made sure to use the pet stain detergent in the actual machine.
  • Don’t forget to tip the machine over to fully drain it out before loading it back into your car to return to the store. It took me dumping 1/2 gallon of soapy water into my trunk to realize this one.
  • And finally, no matter how nice and fresh and clean the carpets look, don’t become dissuaded to the fact that they will get dirty once again. Case in point – Cleo went and took a big, old giant piss right in the middle of the living room not 20 minutes after I had first turned the machine off! I guess at least I didn’t have to use paper towels to clean it up this time…  😕

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