Creatively Blocked

Today has been a horrible day for trying to be creative.

I don’t know what it is, but I spent most of this afternoon just staring at the keyboard trying to get out an article that should’ve taken me a fraction of the time that I actually spent on it. I finally did get it done, for the most part, but it almost seemed comical to try and start another one because sometimes I feel like sometimes you’ve got it and sometimes you don’t and it feels a bit fruitless to keep plugging aimlessly at it if there’s just nothing there to draw from in the first place.

I need to come up with a solution of things that I can do when I find myself in a zone like this so that I can still be at least somewhat productive. When I can, I’ll try to change pace and just do busy work instead that doesn’t require much creative effort as just time to knock out, but unfortunately I just don’t have any projects on my plate with those kinds of things … and I’ve already cleaned off my desk and paid all of our bills for next week… 😛

Is it worth continuing to search for ways to beat this horse back into submission when it clearly just wants a day off, or am I better off just turning on the TV and calling it a day from a creative standpoint? Granted, I certainly understand that sometimes everyone’s brains literally do just need a break from all of this stuff, but in the same vein, you take enough breaks and you get to the end of the year having not actually gotten anything done!


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