Political Commentary, Part 35

So I may not be able to come up with anything creative on my own, but at least I have … opinions about other things?

Whitney Houston
I was never really much of a fan, though I’m sure that I’d probably recognize her songs if I heard them even if I can’t name any off the top of my head right now. Rumor has it that there was going to be some sort of tribute to her at the Grammys tonight, though not sure what they’ll be able to whip up in a single day’s time. I will be curious to see if it becomes as much of a media circus next week as Michael Jackson’s death did, though…

Religion vs. Healthcare
I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of hearing the biggest religion in the land complaining that it’s being marginalized by the needs of the few. The idea that any health insurance provider could offer a policy that doesn’t include contraception just absolutely baffles me, and not simply for the fact that a lot of women use birth control pills to regulate things in their bodies that have nothing to do with preventing pregnancies! These people still seriously believe that everyone else just needs to stop having sex and they believe it to be their right to regulate whatever they can to prevent it. Maybe they can’t pass a law flat out prohibiting contraception, but they can allow religious employers to prevent all of their employees from using it, and to them that’s a good start. 

I remember back when I first heard that story about the CVS clerk refusing to sell The Morning After pill based on her religious beliefs, and my reaction at the time was that CVS should’ve fired her on the spot for refusing to do her job. If they hung a sign on the door saying “CVS Does Not Sell Plan B Due to Religious Values,then so be it and she should take her dollars elsewhere. But this tale is now a little different because it’s a little easier to walk down the street to a different pharmacy than it is to, oh say, find a new job.

Hating on Obama
And lastly, one thing that I particularly hate about this time of year that I’m going to have to put up with all the way until November is the constant nitpicking by all of these nut bag GOP candidates on every little thing that the President does because they see it all as fuel for their own campaigns. We get it – you don’t like President Obama. And here’s a clue – neither do most of your existing voters whose votes you already had the second the guy set foot in the Oval Office. How’s about instead of taunting that “the first thing I’ll do is reverse ObamaCare!” or “reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!” or whatever else you despise about the current administration’s policies, maybe you could come up with something better on your own and pitch that to the American public as an alternative.

All I hear when these guys boast that they’ll repeal everything the last guy did is that they’re living in the past instead of trying to move us forward as a country. If all Presidents ever did during their 4 years was reverse everything else that the last guy did in his 4 years, our government would never actually get anything done.

Oh, wait…

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