Thin Post : Quick Review, Week #5

So I was actually very happy with my weigh-in this morning – happy and also a bit relieved because I really feel like I actually worked at it over the last 7 days and I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I hadn’t seen any progress to show for it. I was really starting to feel it from the walking – bleeding into the previous week, I actually did something like 21.5 miles over 5 days consecutively before it started getting too cold to walk at night, but a big part of me kept wanting to push through it because I knew that it was going to take some pain to see any success at this.

Now I suppose I just need to do it 19 more weeks in a row and I’ll be able to put all of this behind me… 😯

Today’s Weigh-in: -1.8 pounds from last week

Net Loss for 2012: 5.8 pounds

Last Week’s Exercise: 

  • 5 days of cardio (13.5 miles of walking & 2 elliptical days)
  • 3 days of strength training (maxed out at 67 push-ups last night!)

Last Week’s Diet: good – a few days of snacking and eating out, but never over 2,000 calories by much

Last Week’s Sleep: better, but still room for improvement – average bedtime was around 2:30am instead of 4am

Goals for Next Week:

  • Exercise – (same as last week) at least 5 days of cardio, preferably all 7; 3 days of strength training
  • Diet – try to limit eating out, but more so focus on staying under 2,000 calories/day
  • Sleep – (same as last week) trying to move bedtime up to 1-2am range, then eventually 12-1am

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