Dexter = Great TV

*** Spoilers ***

I haven’t really been super into Dexter this season like I have in the past … at least not until I played catch-up yesterday and spent the entire afternoon watching something like five episodes in a row! I wasn’t too crazy about how the season kicked off, but I’ve really taken a liking to this Hannah McKay character played by Yvonne Strahovski – I guess I just never really cared much for Rita, and Lumen was so-so even though it was pretty clear right from the start that she was a limited engagement in Dexter’s life at best – but Hannah seemed to make sense for a love interest because she’s been the first girl in Dexter’s life who can actually relate to what goes on inside of his head.

Also, it’s always amusing to find ourselves rooting for the serial killer, this time even pining that he’s able to find true love for himself! 😉

And then they go and screw it all up only a couple of episodes after things are going so good tonight!!! 😯

I suppose it’s not like we shouldn’t have seen it coming from a mile away, but I think I literally felt my heart drop when Dexter turned Hannah in at the end of tonight’s episode – like most of the Twitter peeps who I turned to following the episode, my gut is also that Deb set Hannah up and actually drugged herself to give her the leverage needed to get Dexter back on her side … really makes me hope that next week in the finale we see Dexter piecing together the truth about what happened and then having to somehow break Hannah out of jail … boy, that’s a conversation that’ll require more than just flowers and a box of chocolates!!!

But I guess ultimately it’s these kinds of dramatic turns that truly make Dexter the masterpiece TV show that it really is – I’m not sure there are many shows in my lifetime that have kept me on the edge of my seat and consistently left me complaining about just waiting to watch them all on DVD to avoid the week-long suspense between episodes as this one. In a way it’s going to be kind of sad when the show finally comes to an end next year – it’s kind of crazy to think that my wife was mentioning the other day that she remembers when I first “coaxed her into watching it with me” (I don’t remember it that way, but regardless, she loves it now!) and that was way back in 2006. As much as I’ll hate to see it go, though, I’d much rather seem them wrap things up properly on a high note than keep milking the cash cow long after the story is still in any way rewarding.

I mean, not for nothing, but you really can only almost get caught by everyone you know for so long before it starts to become just ridiculous, and at this point I think just about everybody but Batista and Masuka have had at least minor suspicions of Dexter – it can’t go on forever!

It should be interesting to see how they wrap up some of the final storylines for this season next week, and also what they decide to leave dangling as cliffhangers for us to speculate on for the next year… 😯

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