Dream Journal : Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Snakes

This is one that I actually had while we were on our cruise, but it was pretty distinct so I thought I’d try to recollect it when I got back home…

I’m a pretty big fan of Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz – I read their comics, I loved their PATV show, I pretty much eat up just about anything that the two of them do together. Well, in this dream I must’ve sent Scott a copy of my new book to check out (note: in real life, it isn’t out yet, but maybe soon! 😉 ) because I was watching some random show that they were doing online and at one point the camera panned across his desk and I saw a copy of it sitting there as if he had been reading it, or at the very least he opened the package addressed to him that had contained it! Either way, that was pretty cool.

Fast forward and I guess at some point we must’ve become friends because the next thing I knew we were all hanging out at a party together, and we were having a great time, cracking jokes and playing video games with everyone else, when all of a sudden things started getting weird.

I remember wandering into a side room to find a smaller group of people doing things that they shouldn’t have been doing. The illicit vibe was very similar to what you would expect when you walk in on somebody doing drugs, but instead, we found ourselves facing a handful of guys instead playing with snakes that were slithering around all over the floor. Seriously, Indiana Jones would’ve hated this room, and I guess the three of us did too because we were not at all comfortable about walking in on this group of guys playing with live snakes! Occasionally one of the snakes would bite somebody and everyone would cheer, which just made it all the more disturbing, but when finally pressured to join in and pick one up ourselves, we all said “Hell no!” and immediately became the uncool guys at the party.

My last vision of this dream was being chased out onto the lawn by guys throwing snakes at us, and then I woke up just as the cops pulled in, lights flashing and sirens blaring, presumably to break up this illicit snake ring that we had accidentally stumbled upon.

In retrospect, I guess this one was a little fucked up, but at least we all learned an important lesson – friends don’t let friends do snakes.

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