“If Romney doesn’t win, then I’m moving to Canada!!!”

I got a kick out of this new promotion that JetBlue is running for the election – basically they’re giving away a free flight in response to those people who complain that if their candidate doesn’t win then they’re leaving the country!

jetBlue Election Protection 2012

I must admit, though, that I was a little disappointed to read the fine print and see that it’s actually a round trip ticket that they’re giving away, not a one-way ticket, just because I think that would really help to sell the joke even better … and you don’t even give them a choice in the matter, either – come 11/7, you just show up on one of these guy’s doorsteps, quote them the ignorant Facebook rant in question, and tell them to collect their things so that you can help them get out of the country as quickly as possible!

You know, if Obama really wanted a bit of last-minute fundraising help, I’d be willing to chip in a few bucks if we could buy everyone who uttered those words one-way tickets to a far-off land. Maybe that’s the hope and change that we really need here in America… 😀

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