Dream Journal : The Beach House

This is a really quick one, but I feel like it’s worth documenting simply because this was an awesome house!

I’ve had a couple of memorable dreams about beach houses, really, but this one simply took the cake because not only was it right on the beach, but literally the water came right up to the back door! In hindsight, I have absolutely no idea how the foundation was maintained or how the place fared when tides came in each night, but for all tends and purposes of this particular dream, it just seemed awesome to me.

I didn’t really experience much of the house, but at one distinct point I was walking from the end of one wing to the other when I noticed people outside and decided to check it out. I’m really not sure what was keeping the water outside – you’d step out a door and suddenly be standing on a sandy beach with seawater up to your ankles! Outside I found my Dad getting ready to go kayaking with another guy who I later identified to be my new neighbor. We chatted for a minute, then the two of them got in their boats and paddled for a small hole in a seawall made out of rocks, and then they were gone.

It may also be worth noting that my Dad (in real life) had a stroke a while back and probably won’t be kayaking again anytime soon, though he used to love it in his earlier years. So many weird things in this dream, but above all else – man, was that house cool!

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