Have pumpkin, and that’s about it…

Writing has been a little chaotic since I got back from Michigan last weekend – probably because the clock is already ticking and I’ve barely got a week left to work with before hopping on a cruise ship for a week of tropical fun down in the Caribbean!

Yeah, I’m probably not getting much sympathy from you there, now am I???


Well, one thing I can report is that pumpkin blogging has seemed to spark back up for another season! I ended up doing quite a bit of posting between Madelyn’s baby food and other stuff while I was up north, and it’s always fun to see the random surge in traffic on that goofy, random little creation between the months of September & December!

P.S. Last night my wife surprised me with a big batch of these and they were pretty amazing! Click through the picture to check out the full review, with recipes, over on said goofy pumpkin blog…

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