Lizard Under Glass, Frog Over Glass

I came across this rather amusing little scenario upon returning home from my walk with Cleo this evening. I like to imagine a little dialog between them…

“Hey, buddy – how’d you get in there?!”

“Nevermind how I got in here – how’d you get out there?!”

“I dunno. I guess I’ve just sort of always been out here! Hey, you should come out here with me – it’s a lot more spacious than it looks in there…”

“How’s about we trade places? You come in here, and then I’ll go out there for a while. It’s actually kinda nice in here – a little bright and warm, though…”

“Nah – I’m good. I guess I’m gonna go sit on that wall for a while. If you find a way out here, you should come join me!”

“Wait – don’t go!!!”


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