Dream Journal : Traveling with a Thief

This was kind of a weird one…

So I was on this road trip with some friends. I’m not entirely sure how many people were traveling with us – it seemed like a lot, but only a few faces were actually recognizable. We were traveling by car, though, and in true road-trip-sense, the car I was in was absolutely packed.

At one point we found ourselves picking up a couple of random strangers. I have no idea why we did this, but one was a young, redheaded girl with kinky hair and the other was this huge, black dude who didn’t say much that she was traveling with. Again, I have no idea why we would randomly take these strangers into our group, but along the way I started to get the suspicion that they weren’t who they said they were…

She had told us that she needed a ride cross country or something to get away from an ex-boyfriend. No real explanation on the other guy, but at one point I did some snooping and discovered that the big guy actually had the same name of the “ex-boyfriend” whom she had told us she was running from. Things weren’t adding up, so I went to the Internet and – amusingly enough, I found her LinkedIn profile, which listed her occupation as Thief.

Another link on her profile showed the huge guy as a known associate.

(Something tells me that if it were really that easy, local law enforcement would probably spend a lot more time looking for criminals on LinkedIn!)

Anyways, this was a bit confusing to me because I had thought that she actually liked me … we had flirted a bit and I liked the attention, but now I was more concerned that she had just showed an interest so that she could later take advantage of us.

Once I figured out that we were all in danger by traveling with these two, I tried to tell the others without letting on that I knew. I don’t know how I did this, but the next thing I knew I was trying to clean out the car – perhaps to make a quick getaway – and there was a small flood because I kept dropping things and had to reach down into several inches of water to retrieve them.

As I was finishing repacking, my friend came up to me and told me that I needed to see something, and he led me into the basement of where we had been staying. The group was all sitting around on boxes, and the big guy and a new colleague of his were there, who was doing a lot of yelling with one of our other friends. I knew that shit was about to go down because our friend was accusing them of profiling us – I guess it was like the shorter one was literally going around the room saying how much each of us had in the bank in cash, but saying it out loud instead of to himself.

I’m pretty sure that a fist fight was about to break out, but I woke up just before anything actually got resolved.

I never saw the redheaded girl in the second half of the dream when things got ugly. Maybe she was just bait to get us to let our guards down and then got out herself, or maybe even awake I’m still a little naive and she was actually the mastermind of the whole thing.

The moral of the story is – a cute girl can get away with pretty much anything.

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