Internet Cafe Gramps Was Heroic, But Also Reckless

I know since the horrific shooting in Colorado on Friday, there have been loads of discussions about gun laws and open carry rights and all of that, but let’s get one thing straight – if you’re in favor of open carry laws, the incident that happened with the old man stopping the Internet cafe robbery in Ocala, Florida IS NOT a shining beacon for the right to carry a firearm that you’re trying to promote.

Watch the video.

Firing random shots in an enclosed building with dozens of innocent bystanders is not a tenet of responsible gun use. Chasing after an assailant once they’re on the run is not a tenet of responsible gun use. Florida’s Stand Your Ground law ends when you’re no longer acting in self-defense, which is pretty clear when the robbers turned to run out the front door.

In short, you shouldn’t be carrying a gun if you don’t know when it’s appropriate to pull the trigger.

I don’t necessarily want to argue the whole gun rights debate here, per se, but let’s be honest – not every example where somebody draws a gun within his rights is a proponent of the right to open carry.

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