Fired Lifeguard Gets Kudos From Legoland

This was a nice update to see on a rather ugly story to come out of Miami a couple of weeks ago – basically, a lifeguard left his designated section of the beach to save a drowning man nearby and then got fired because he left the area that his employer was legally responsible for. A couple of his fellow lifeguards ended up quitting beside him in solidarity, and there has been a lot of negative press about it afterwards, as rightfully so.

So in comes Legoland General Manager Adrian Jones, who sees an opportunity to turn a negative thing into something positive for his park, and posts an open letter to the hero and his fellow lifeguards who quit, offering them all jobs to come and work for Legoland’s new water park instead!  😀

Brilliant move on his part – that’s exactly the kind of person who I’d want looking out for my guests, too!

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