frustrated with fireworks

Let’s be clear – the 4th of July was 10 days ago.

And yet here tonight, on the fourteenth of July, people around my neighborhood are still shooting off fireworks in the dead of night in celebration of god knows what!

Now normally I’m a pretty big fan of fireworks, as noted by the numerous fireworks photos that I’ve taken over at Disney World throughout the years, but you see, the thing is – my puppy doesn’t come with me when I go to watch fireworks over there. And not only because they won’t let her in the front gate, but also because she’s really, really afraid of fireworks.

The reason I bring all of this up is that ever since she got spooked last week when we tried to walk her a few hours before it even got dark on the 4th, puppy hasn’t wanted anything to do with outdoors and has taken to spending a lot more time hiding in the closet than she normally does. I haven’t been able to get her to go on walks with me since – we’ll get a few houses down the street and then she’ll panic and want to come back home again, trembling all the way.

I don’t understand why Floridians want to celebrate everything with explosives. You had your fun around the 4th, so now give it a rest so that I can go back to walking my dog at 11pm in peace!!!  🙁

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