Good, old reliable karma…

April 2, 2012 11:57pm
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I didn’t really blog about it at the time because we had enough going on, but about a year ago when we first moved into the house where we lived now, I found myself really frustrated with the previous tenants because they kind of left us in a bind on a number of things when they moved out at the last minute. We ended up having to change the locks because they forgot to give us all of the keys back and then couldn’t be bothered to come back to hand them over later because “they didn’t even know which ones they were,” then I had to pay disposal fees for a couple of bigger items that they wanted thrown out, but the trash wouldn’t actually take. There were a lot of loose ends to clean up like mending the relationship with the lawn guy because they had stopped paying him, and a bunch of other nonsense that just seemed to drag on and on and on.


So fast forward a year when a very obvious envelope showed up in their name today. From the IRS. An envelope shaped precisely like what one’s federal tax refund tends to look like in its traditional check form.

Let’s just say that it was incredibly rewarding to scribble RETURN TO SENDER – NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS!!! on the outside of that envelope and pop it back in the mailbox.  :mrgreen:

It’s not like I have any way of getting a hold of those jerks anyways…

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