a preview of Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure!

Admittedly I was a little skeptical about the idea of an entire theme park area devoted to the Cars franchise, but seeing some previews of the actual completed work out at Disney’s California Adventure makes it look pretty cool! And don’t get me wrong – I actually really enjoyed the first movie (#2 sucked, though), but I just wasn’t sure if it had enough staying power to hold a whole land on its own … really, not a lot of single movies do, which is why the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland use more generic themes like Fantasyland and Tomorrowland that movies can be dropped into, but not dominated by.

Also just for the record, while I’m looking forward to venturing back out west in a few years again to see the final product, despite any success I still hope that they keep these new attractions exclusive to DCA and we don’t catch them razing Lights, Motors, Action! anytime soon to give Hollywood Studios its own Cars Land … but that’s really an overarching philosophy that has nothing to do with Cars and more to do with believing that Disney’s parks should provide unique, not cookie-cutter experiences around the world…

Anyways, check out the video … I’ll bet Radiator Springs looks pretty darned sweet with all of that neon lit up at night! 😮

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