Have sea legs, will stumble!

Maybe it’s just my body’s way of saying, “Be on vacation just a little bit longer!” but here we are almost four days back on land and my legs are still feeling all wobbly like I’m out cruising the seven seas instead of cruising the Internet from the “comforts” of my computer desk back home!

According to this random forum thread, which really is the best source for any information – especially related to health issues – I could either be perfectly fine, just need to give it more time, should take some over-the-counter medicine, should go see an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor, or should high tail it back to port and just get back on the boat to live the remainder of my life at sea as soon as humanly possible.

My reaction is very varied – sometimes it’s kinda fun, sometimes it’s mildly obnoxious when I’m trying to focus on actual work, and sometimes I guess I’m just concerned that random people who pass me by might mistakenly think that I’m drunk or something, which I’d prefer to only happen when I actually am drunk if at all possible. The half-empty glass in my hand usually gives it away…

I guess for the time being I’ll just give it a few more days and try to wait it out, but if we get to Saturday and I’m still bobbing to and fro, don’t be surprised if I start pushing book sales a little harder to fund me getting back out on that water where everything’s more normal and I fit in with all of the other bobbing fools! 😉

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