I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m a Toys ‘R Us Kid…

So yesterday my sister and I took a trip down to Detroit to take Sara to the airport, as she’s flying out to Seattle for work while I stay in Michigan for another week. On our way back, we stopped off in Saginaw and ended up killing a few hours at Toys ‘R Us.

I love Toys ‘R Us because even though the prices are typically a bit higher than anywhere else these days, it’s still a nice reminder of back in the days when they were the only place that a kid could get toys – long before the days of Walmart and the Internet. Mind you, this particular store was extra special to my sister and I because it’s where we’d get to go pick out a toy after enduring school shopping each year!

Seriously, I’d guess 95% of my NES games came from this place, so in a way it was kind of like returning to Never Never Land for a kid who grew up on Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

We wandered around this place seemingly for quite a while, and along the way, I took a few photos for later commentary like this post… 😉

If there’s one thing I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of, it’s looking at Angry Birds merchandise!

Cool. Cool. WTF?!

Come on, Lego – first you miss out on the Mario Kart license, and now Angry Birds, too?! 🙁

Apparently this little fella is from a kids show produced by the Henson Company called Dinosaur TrainI don’t even care what the show is about – the Velociraptor conductor sells it all!

More cool sets coming out for Mario Kart K’Nex!

What. is. this?! This is not the fun, stringy Koosh that I grew to know and love!

I don’t even care if it’s pink – does the AC work in Barbie’s Glam Convertible??? We might need to change out those spinners, though…

These are kinda neat, though also kinda expensive … future Christmas list idea, perhaps???

I miss the old days of taking my yellow ticket up to the glass room after checking out to retrieve my game – this all seems so anticlimactic…

Boy, this sure doesn’t sound like a game for Everyone! 😯

I wonder if the slushies from this are roughly the same consistency (and pain in the ass!) as Snoopy’s Snow Cone Maker was back in the day…

Something you don’t see every day, but I’m sure the chick had it coming…

Wha??? Again, not really a game for kids!!!

This, on the other hand, is awesome. :mrgreen:

Hey look – a few random minifigs from older seasons! Don’t mind if I do… 😉

This looks like a neat concept – so far I just haven’t been persuaded enough to drop $30 to find out.

Do what the bird says if you want to save the galaxy.

How did this become that???

Theseon the other hand, are totally cool!

As is this guy…

And last but certainly not least – I suppose it’s at least comforting to see that kids these days have got options when it comes to learning the flow of things…

Until we meet again, Toys ‘R Us of Saginaw, Michigan – stay awesome! 🙂

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