In search of non-dance-related Xbox suggestions…

So despite Christmas officially being over and us even being more officially out of money for such frivolities, this weekend on a very random whim we found ourselves at Best Buy purchasing an Xbox 360 Kinect.

Now admittedly the driving force in this particular purchase wasn’t actually me and my love of all things sedentary and digital, but actually my wife and her sister and their combined desire to dance it up, a la Dance Party USA or Dance Dance Armageddon or whatever the hell all of these crazy, jump up and down games are that apparently all the rage right now are called. And though let’s be 1,000,000% clear, yours truly has absolutely no intention or desire to pretend that he actually has any rhythm of any style or sort – when the dancing games go on, the door to my office closes with me on the other side of it! – but nonetheless gyrating games aside, having a new game console in the house once again does open up the doors of possibility towards all sorts of awesome, non-dancing games that I would probably enjoy very much taking part in!

But that’s really where I need some help. Needless to say, it became very overwhelming perusing the Xbox aisle at Best Buy that for years I’ve just skipped over to get to the Wii games, and it quickly became clear that now owning an Xbox makes available a whole slew of, shall we say, more mature games than one would typically find on Nintendo’s beloved family console! I’m all for trying my hands at some games that aren’t necessarily rated E for Everyone … I just need some suggestions as to what I might want to check out.

So far, I’ve been eyeing the following:

I promised myself that I wouldn’t order anything for a couple of weeks so that I can finish a couple of projects that I’m working on, so in the meantime … what else do I need to be taking into consideration for my first pile of new games to play on the 360? Remember that I’ve actually never played either the 360 or the original Xbox, so pretty much anything for either platform is fair game, assuming that I haven’t played it on the PS2 (which if it doesn’t have GTA in the title, I probably haven’t…).

Any and all suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated – help me break in this new console in style!!! 😀

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