When war seems inevitable…

I can’t help but wonder as I read more and more confrontational headlines … will Iran be the country to finally stand up to us???

A few weeks ago there was the US drone that found its way into Iranian hands – they say because they hacked it, we said, well, first it wasn’t even ours, and then it was, but it just “malfunctioned” and wasn’t actually infiltrated by the Iranians. Then we had the audacity to ask for it back, all the while the Secretary of Defense confirms that we “absolutely” will continue to fly these drones over foreign airspace despite opposition.

This morning, I came across two new headlines that brought this back into the forefront of my mind:

I mean, it’s no secret that our current wave of politicians really wants us to go to war with Iran – it’s like with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wrapping up, they just don’t have anything to keep their hands busy unless they’re spending millions of dollars blowing something up overseas, but I think what scares me is that at this point another war honestly seems just about inevitable, especially when you also factor in examples like those above where it looks like for the first time in a while these guys might actually push back when we continue to maintain this same World Police stance that has gotten us into so much trouble in the past.

For me, it all comes back to our “Do as I say, not as I do” foreign policy that seems arrogant to me as a US citizen, so I can only imagine what it must seem like to people in all of these other countries that aren’t the USA, especially when we’re trying to carry out certain intents that no way in hell would be allowed to happen if the sides were changed and they were over US soil. If a foreign spy plane was seized over Washington, DC and we knew who it originated from, we would go to war. If a foreign navy situated aircraft carriers up and down the Atlantic coast “just in case,” we would go to war. If another nation wanted to dictate what the US could and couldn’t do with regards to science and weapons manufacturing and nuclear technologies, we would tell them to butt the hell out and then threaten to go to war with them…

And so I can’t help but get a little nervous as I read these kinds of stories because frankly it just sounds like the same vicious cycle all over again – America wants to dictate how another country operates, country opposes, America declares war and spends billions of taxpayer money persuading them to change their mind, and at the end of the day it’s we the people who actually end up suffering. It would be one thing if Iran declared war on us or was even making threats, but instead they’re just telling us to mind our own business and of course, we won’t.

Maybe it will turn out that they really are doing some extremely evil shit underneath that mountain  in Qom and all of this military pressure will be fully justified, or maybe in fact we’ll come to find that Texas has been up to some extremely evil shit and other countries would’ve been in their right to place naval forces out in the Gulf of Mexico … you know, just in case.

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