Lego Minifigs – series 8!!!

I actually didn’t even realize that these were out yet, but ended up grabbing a handful of them Saturday evening at Downtown Disney as sort of an impromptu birthday gift to myself!

Not only was I happy to actually have NO DUPS in the five bags that I bought, but I also really like a lot of the figs in this series – Santa, in particular, along with the alien ray gun dude and even Tinkerbell…

Our local Walmart is still on series 7 (when the have any at all), so those might be around a little longer, even though I’ve had really bad luck with dups on those lately. In looking back through other past series, I wish there was a way to fill out my collections of those without just going on BrickLink or eBay to buy them specifically … I’d kind of rather still buy the individual packs if I could, although maybe a few more dups and that ideology will fall to the wayside… 😛

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