Hello, Birthday #35.

August 25, 2015 3:16am
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I’ve been expecting you…

Not really, though. I think people anticipate the big ones – 21, 30, 40, other numbers even higher than 40 – but 35 is kind of an oddball age. You’re not old old just yet, but you’re not exactly young anymore, either.

I mean, fuck – I’ve been out of high school for almost two decades now!

If anything, 35 is certainly proof that I ain’t getting any younger here…

And I think I’m ok with that, for the most part, anyways.

I don’t really want to be 18 anymore – girls wouldn’t talk to me and I still lived in my Mom’s basement.

25 was a little better – some girls were willing to talk to me and I played video games every moment of free time that I had.

30? Meh … by then I was already married and found myself bludgeoned by the fact that reproduction was going to be significantly more expensive for my family than it was for most.

31 – 34 … I honestly don’t even remember those birthdays anymore!

And that brings us to the big 35 – right in the middle between 30 and 40, and I suppose if I had to put it into words that’s about where I feel I am. There’s always something more just off on the horizon – more kids, more career opportunities, more changes. Admittedly it kind of makes it hard to live in the moment when you’re constantly focusing on the future like that – I guess that’s one thing in particular that I’m trying to keep in mind at this particular focal point of my life.

I also think that I’m starting to acquire just the smallest amount of that so-called wisdom that you sometimes hear old timers talking about. For me, it’s been in trying to filter out the things that I actually care about in life from the rest of the noise, and there’s a lot of noise, I’m certainly finding! Occasionally I’ll come across something that not five years ago I was immensely passionate about, and yet nowadays I find myself just shrugging my shoulders and saying, “Whatever…”

Right now more than ever, I recognize that time is my most valuable asset, and I think that wisdom is simply in trying not to waste it on stupid things that just don’t really matter in the big picture anymore.

I have a sneaky feeling that the next five years are going to pass by a lot more quickly than I would like, which I guess is a little ironic considering all of that forward-thinking stuff that I mentioned earlier … by the time that I turn 40, Christopher will be starting school and hopefully we’ll have two more in his footsteps, we’ll be getting ready to move into a new house, Cleo will be just as loud and obnoxious as ever…

Thankfully some things never change! 😉

As a little inspirational message to my future self whenever I circle back to this blog post again, here’s a video that I’ve watched many, many times before but the words ring true each and every time that I hear them. This clip dates back to 1984 from the eulogy that Muppet performer Richard Hunt gave at Jim Henson’s memorial service…

“Jim did not cling to the past, he did not worry about the future – that would work itself out…

And he did not live for the moment.

Instead, he lived in the moment … because that’s all we really have.”

So as I turn the big, old number 35, here’s to living in the moment. Above anything else, let’s have some fun… 😀

Birthday Legos!!!

August 27, 2013 8:20pm
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photo (5)

Somebody’s got some building to do!

*Note: Birthday Legos technically also include the awesomely impressive Tower of Orthanc that very magically did show up on my doorstep as a birthday gift from my Mom … albeit a couple of months ago…

**Sub-Note: Definitely need to take some cool pictures to post of all of my LOTR Lego sets to date once I get around to finishing my awesome Lego shelves for the family room…

***P.P.S.: But you technically don’t really know about those, either, so … ummmm … will post more info soon!  :mrgreen:

A Pirate Looks at 33

August 26, 2013 1:12am
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So, 33 was an … interesting birthday.

A lot of the unexpected – some good, some fantastic, and also some kind of shitty that is probably going to take a bit to recover from. Sara and I ended up over at Disney World for a nice, 3-day vacation from reality, even though reality ended up following along for a bit more of it than we would’ve liked! Believe it or not, we ended up napping quite a bit, in addition to spending some time in the very hot, very wet parks, along with some shopping and movie watching at Downtown Disney. Lots of things far outside of our control made it a bit of a strange trip, but there’s not necessarily any one person to blame…

…at least not that I’ve found yet… 😉

As for the birthday itself – I don’t know … I guess you could say that I sort of feel like I’m in a transition period with a bunch of aspects of my life at the moment. I don’t feel older, though it’s quite clear by now that I’m not in my 20’s any longer! At a risk of sounding weird, I kind of feel like I’m just floating along right now with a couple of things just over the horizon that I’ve been wanting for a while now, but haven’t quite yet reached.

Plus, this year has just been really busy working towards said unnamed mystery goals, so from that perspective I suppose the idea of a vacation consisting mostly of naps actually makes a bit of sense! 🙂

So yeah … that’s 33 in a nutshell … a very vague and exhausted nutshell.

Although for what it’s worth, I ate that cupcake for breakfast at 10:30am and it was excellent.

Still got it! 😛

Lego Minifigs – series 8!!!

August 27, 2012 8:19pm
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I actually didn’t even realize that these were out yet, but ended up grabbing a handful of them Saturday evening at Downtown Disney as sort of an impromptu birthday gift to myself!

Not only was I happy to actually have NO DUPS in the five bags that I bought, but I also really like a lot of the figs in this series – Santa, in particular, along with the alien ray gun dude and even Tinkerbell…

Our local Walmart is still on series 7 (when the have any at all), so those might be around a little longer, even though I’ve had really bad luck with dups on those lately. In looking back through other past series, I wish there was a way to fill out my collections of those without just going on BrickLink or eBay to buy them specifically … I’d kind of rather still buy the individual packs if I could, although maybe a few more dups and that ideology will fall to the wayside… 😛

32nd Birthday Recap

August 26, 2012 8:02pm
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Good birthday!  :mrgreen:

Yesterday Sara and I ended up going over to Disney World for the afternoon – we’ve been ridiculously exhausted after moving, so we didn’t really make much of a rush to get over there and probably walked in the gates of Blizzard Beach around 3:00pm, but we still managed to go on a good number of the water slides and also spent some time floating around the lazy river to try and decompress. Looking forward to maybe going back sometime next month to actually take some pictures and try to catch the ones that we didn’t get the first go around…

Afterwards, we enjoyed an incredible dinner at the California Grill on top of the Contemporary … I won’t go on about it here because I should have a proper review of the whole night up over here by the end of the week, but I will say that the food was pretty much up there with the best that I’ve had at Walt Disney World, which I think says quite a lot!  All in all, aside from a few random bumps it was a pretty great way to spend number 32.

I don’t necessarily know if I feel any older at this point, but maybe that’ll change once I’m able to get caught back up with life once again and have a chance to take a quick breath… 😉

View from the observation deck at the California Grill where we watched Wishes over at the Magic Kingdom – a unique perspective that I’ll be sure to include in my dining review as well!

A Midnight Birthday Cake for #32

August 25, 2012 12:35am
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Doesn’t it seem a little odd that you typically always end up eating your birthday cake mid-day on your birthday???

Being a night owl myself, I’m honestly a little embarrassed that it took me 32 years to figure this one out, but technically just like how Christmas really starts at 12:01am (assuming you can drag your parents out of bed, which you can’t…), one’s birthday just the same officially kicks off at the stroke of midnight and as such, it’s really just poor resource management to allow a perfectly good cake sit there all morning, afternoon, and possibly even evening long before you finally gather everyone ’round to go through the whole song and dance that ultimately results in your enjoying the chocolaty fruits of becoming another year older and so on and so forth!

Mark my words – this is not a mistake that I will allow myself ever to make again… 😛

P.S. Kudos to my wife for the yummy cake. Note that the toothpicks aren’t necessarily to help the cake ward off predators or anything – if that was the case, then an after pic would certainly show that they failed at that particular goal! I guess they were to keep the cellophane from sticking to the frosting and yanking it all off – also a noble goal, indeed!

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