A Pirate Looks at 33

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So, 33 was an … interesting birthday.

A lot of the unexpected – some good, some fantastic, and also some kind of shitty that is probably going to take a bit to recover from. Sara and I ended up over at Disney World for a nice, 3-day vacation from reality, even though reality ended up following along for a bit more of it than we would’ve liked! Believe it or not, we ended up napping quite a bit, in addition to spending some time in the very hot, very wet parks, along with some shopping and movie watching at Downtown Disney. Lots of things far outside of our control made it a bit of a strange trip, but there’s not necessarily any one person to blame…

…at least not that I’ve found yet… 😉

As for the birthday itself – I don’t know … I guess you could say that I sort of feel like I’m in a transition period with a bunch of aspects of my life at the moment. I don’t feel older, though it’s quite clear by now that I’m not in my 20’s any longer! At a risk of sounding weird, I kind of feel like I’m just floating along right now with a couple of things just over the horizon that I’ve been wanting for a while now, but haven’t quite yet reached.

Plus, this year has just been really busy working towards said unnamed mystery goals, so from that perspective I suppose the idea of a vacation consisting mostly of naps actually makes a bit of sense! 🙂

So yeah … that’s 33 in a nutshell … a very vague and exhausted nutshell.

Although for what it’s worth, I ate that cupcake for breakfast at 10:30am and it was excellent.

Still got it! 😛

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